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My name is Tom Brennan, and I've been an IBM mainframe systems programmer since 1983.  Although the mainframe is my primary workload, I still like to find time to work with Windows programming. That has been one of my interests since 1993.

Prior to Windows programming, my spare time was often filled with programming various mainframe utilities, mainly to aid in the process of installing and maintaining software in a large mainframe environment. OS/390 assembler was my primary tool, and I believe those utilities allowed me to do my work faster, making up somewhat for the inevitable loss of good people to non-mainframe computing support.

Vista was also designed to speed up my regular mainframe work. With it I tried to correct some of the deficiencies I saw with the various commercial and shareware emulators I've used over the years. Being an emulator user and emulator programmer puts me in a unique position to develop a product that works best for someone who does my particular type of work.

I hope Vista can help you in your mainframe work, as it has helped me.


Tom Brennan Software
523 N. Nora Avenue
West Covina, CA 91790 - USA


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