October 25, 2001
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Changes for version 1.23

Changes between the posted V1.22 and V1.23 are listed below.

New Items

C0657 - Added "PasteByTyping" INI option which alters paste function to simulate typing rather than using the default screen overlay logic. Useful for pasting a single line of text across multiple input fields on the same line.

C0651 - Added "DFT Mode" option to transfer selection panel. Default is DFT active for faster transfers when possible.

C0650 - Added Autocopy function. When the left mouse button is released when selecting text, the text will automatically be copied to the clipboard. Ctrl key causes CUT instead of COPY. Function must be enabled on the Cut/Paste option panel.

C0648 - Added drag and drop function. Select text and then drag it with the mouse. Enable Drag-and-drop on the Cut/Paste options panel.

C0636 - Added Overlay/Insert option so that the Paste action depends on the current insert key mode.

C0630 - Added option to set default printer on Print options panel.

C0629 - Added macro that executes on shutdown. Search for "INI" in the help doc and see ShutDownMacro INI file option.

C0625 - Added "CloseOnDisconnect" INI option which will close the current Vista window upon disconnect, as long as the disconnection was not due to an IP error. Use CloseOnDisconnect=1 in vista.ini to enable.

C0620 - Added ability to specify multiple files for TSO IND$FILE transfer, either by multiple selection in the source file list window, or by wildcard (*) specifications.

C0619 - Added locked.ext user exit, to gain control when the user attempts to type on a locked screen. Search for "exits" in help doc.

C0617 - Added options on the Cursor panel for better control over the Backspace function. Removed obsolete "Destruct BS" display option.

Problem fixes:

P0660 - IND$FILE CUT (Control Unit Terminal) mode transfer does not show correct byte count. Fixed.

P0651 - IND$FILE upload hangs after first block is transmitted to host. Fixed.

P0659 - Keyboard unlocks in error when Read Buffer command arrives. Fixed.

P0658 - Forecolor reset value (x'00') not reseting color correctly. Fixed.

P0642 - Crosshair lines covers the bottom and left pixels of certain characters. Testing: use TestRulerFix=1 INI file option.

P0654 - Cannot specify more than 20 characters for additional transfer parameters on Misc option panel. Fixed.

P0653 - Macro error when downloading multiple PDS members. Fixed.

P0652 - The "Toggle Shift/Caps" option doesn't work after P0639. Fixed.

P0649 - PasteInsert can paste on top of protected fields. Fixed.

P0645 - Various macro errors when a semicolon is used within a string. Fixed.

P0644 - EditBox macro function does not position cursor on edit field. Fixed.

P0641 - Break key interrupts macro recording. Fixed.

P0640 - Program-Tab wraps around screen in certain cases. Fixed.

P0639 - Changed keyboard input method to use character code converted by Windows rather than our own conversion. Hopefully this will handle non-USA keyboards better. Fixed.

P0638 - Vertical crosshairs is not repainted correctly when Delete mode is used for the BackSpace function. Fixed.

P0635 - End function moves cursor past end of field if field is full. Cursor now moves to last character in field in this case.

P0634 - Added KeyTronicsKeyboard=1 INI option to allow old KeyTronics keyboard to function properly.

P0633 - SelectWin functions initially select 2 characters instead of 1. Fixed.

P0632 - Code page number is not being returned in Query Reply for Charset. Fixed, but currently INI option ReplyCodePage=1 is required to enable this action.

P0631 - Screen lockup fails with CA-Supersession. AID not being returned correctly for RMA command. Fixed.

P0626 - Vista shows wrong time on status bar (one hour off) for first week following USA daylight-savings-time change in years where April 1 is the first Sunday of the month. Fixed by using the latest Microsoft compiler.

P0624 - EAU (Erase All Unprotected) with invalid screen address can cause endless loop. Fixed - error now reported in message box.

P0623 - Main window does not gain the focus when selected by keypad. Fixed.

P0621 - Attention does not unlock the keyboard. Fixed.

P0618 - "Smart" row/col does not work when ISPF does not have the pull-down menu's showing. Fixed.

P0616 - Connection error 10093 and possibly others - Win2000 or NT4 only. Fixed.

P0615 - Vista holds enqueue on PC file after a transfer failure or user abort. Fixed.

P0614 - Emulator hangs when TN3270E mode function request does not exactly match the requested function code string. Fixed.

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