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Multiple cut and paste buffers

Vista supports multiple Cut/Copy/Paste buffers (up to 9) of 65K each. Each time something is Cut or Copied, the data is stored in Copybuffer 1, and also into the Windows Clipboard. The previous contents of Copybuffer 1 is shifted into Copybuffer 2, and so on. The last buffer is lost. The number of buffers (by default) is 9.

To paste from buffer 1 (or the Clipboard), just use one of the Paste Functions as usual. To paste from the other buffers, simply repeat the paste function as many times as necessary to call up the data you want. For example, suppose:

Copybuffer 1 contains: UW00001
Copybuffer 2 contains: UW00002
Copybuffer 3 contains: UW00003

Position the cursor on an input field and press Paste (default key is ctrl-V). The character '1' appears in right hand side of the status bar to indicate Copybuffer 1 is being copied to the screen. Then without pressing any other keys or clicking the mouse, press ctrl-V again and Copybuffer 2 will be placed on the screen. Also, the status bar reflects the copy buffer last used. Press again and Copybuffer 3 appears. Once more, and we wrap around to Copybuffer 1 again.

The idea of this is to allow multiple copybuffers in the relatively few cases we need them, without impacting our old cut/copy/paste methods.

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