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Vista Pasting Methods

Vista has many different methods for pasting screen text from the copy buffers, including:

Paste Performs a PasteOverlay or PasteField depending on option setting
PasteJCL PasteJCL uses the same logic as SelectJCL, to replace items such as dataset names, JCL parms, etc., with similar items in the clipboard.
PasteOverlay Pastes data into input fields based on their position in the copy buffer. This method is best for formatted screens such as in ISPF
PasteInsert Inserts data into the current screen by moving existing text to the right as necessary
PasteField Pastes each line of copy buffer data onto the next formatted field or line, in effect pressing the TAB key at the end of each copy buffer line
PasteRepeat Performs a PasteOverlay of the current copy buffer, and then repeats the process down over and over until the end of screen is reached.
PasteWindow Requires you to draw a window first with the mouse, designating a rectangular area to paste the text into. Unformatted input text (without crlf's) is wrapped at word breaks if possible.
PasteFlow Similar to PasteWindow, but carriage returns ignored during the flow processing.
PasteContinue If any of the previous Paste functions cannot fit the entire buffer on the current screen, you can continue pasting where you left off with this function. The previous paste method (Overlay, Field, or Window) is remembered and used for any subsequent PasteContinue's.
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